Author Q&A With Jenna Terese

Guys, I am pumped about this post! It is such an honour to have gotten to interview Jenna Terese, the author of Ignite! I'm a very avid reader so I'm always excited about new Christian authors and a Christian Sci-fi author just sounds too good to be true!

About the Book!

What if superhumans weren't considered heroes?

When Scarlett Marley is attacked by an illegal super with fire powers, she doesn’t get burned, but now she has a fire-like glow flickering in her eyes.

With superpowers criminalized, she has no choice but to turn herself over to the Superhuman Containment Facility, or risk hurting everyone she loves.

Her normal life seems lost forever, until she is selected to be one of the first to receive the experimental cure to destroy her powers. In exchange, she must first complete one mission:

Infiltrate and capture one of the largest gangs of supers in the remains of once-great Rapid City.

With the cure and all her future at stake, Scarlett is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring these criminals to justice so she can return to her family. But this gang and their leader, Rez, aren’t what everyone says, and Scarlett begins to question everything she was ever told about the SCF and the fire flowing in her veins.

The cure is her only hope for returning her life to what it was before, but is that life worth returning to after all?

Jenna Terese believes stories are powerful. That’s why she’s dedicated to creating fiction that will impact the world. You can find this INFP dreaming about the future, fangirling over her favorite books, geeking out about Marvel, playing piano, or sipping a chai tea latte as she writes sci-fi novels.

So now the fun part! Q&A time guys!!!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Of course! I’m a 20 year old YA sci-fi author on a mission to impact the world with story. I’m an INFP, Marvel geek, booknerd, musician, equestrian, dreamer, and plant mom of two.

How long have you been writing for?

Since I was about seven years old!

What is your favourite genre to write and why is it your favourite?

I love the speculative genres, because I feel like I can really let my imagination run wild.

What is your favourite part of writing?

Getting new ideas and brainstorming plots and characters. I love the fascination of a new story idea, and I also love writing the first drafts.

Could you tell us a little bit about what your book Ignite is?

It’s the first in a duology, set in our world if superhumans were common, but not considered heroes. The main character, Scarlett, is attacked by a super with fire powers, and contracts powers of her own.

What was the hardest part of writing Ignite?

The hardest part was probably the editing. It’s definitely not my favorite, lol.

What was your favourite part of writing Ignite?

Probably just writing the first draft. It was my NaNoWriMo project in 2019.

If you were to go back to when you first started Ignite, would you do anything differently?

I’d probably make sure the plot was a little more solid and the characters a bit more fleshed out. It would’ve saved me editing in the future. XD

What are your hopes as you go forward with your writing?

To grow my indie author business and share more meaningful stories with the world.

To finish, do you have any advice for new writers?

This journey is going to be tough. It’s going to be magical. It’s going to bend you, grow you, and teach you. But through it all, remember your why. Remember why you write and why you want to share your stories with the world. People need your art.

All That Boring (Eh, Fun I mean Teehee)

First off, this blog post is part of a whole tour that Jenna is doing so I highly recommend checking out the blogs in the image.

Second, I highly recommend buying this book here for Americans and here for Canadians.

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