Photography Q&A With Alicia Marentette

Updated: May 4

Hi everyone. I'm excited to announce Beginner Photographers very first photographer Q&A. Today I am featuring Alicia Marentette. So let's get started!

About Alicia

I'm Alicia Marentette, and I'm 15. I enjoy photography, playing piano and hanging out with my epic friends. I have a photography blog and Tasha said she'd put the link at the bottom of the Q&A.

Eventually I would like to start taking people pictures (even if my family isn't the most cooperative to let me take theirs) and maybe some events.

Maybe, when I can drive, Tasha and I will have to start a photography


What Camera Do You Shoot On?

I shoot on a Canon Rebel EOS T5i

How Long Have You Been Taking Pictures For?

I've really gotten into photography a year ago

Why Do You Enjoy Photography?

It's so fun to capture like moments with people or just the beauty of God's creation in nature!!

What Is Your Favourite Category Of Photography?

I love photographing nature scenery.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Photographers?

1. The best photos don't need much. The simpler the more beautiful, in my professional opinion!

2. If you have a friend (like I have Tasha) who enjoys photography too, it's even more fun to take pictures with a friend.

3. Don't stress about taking pictures, it is better if you are inspired to take some, otherwise it will end up becoming not as fun.

Some Of Alicia's Photos

Where You Can Find Alicia

Please show Alicia some love and check her out on her blog and if you have it Viewbug!

And if you are an artist of any kind and you would like to see yourself here, shoot me an email.

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