Photography Q&A With Ryan Drouillard

I'm excited to announce my second photographer Q&A. This time I am featuring Ryan Drouillard. So let's jump right into it!

Could You Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself?

My name is Ryan Drouillard, I'm 15, in grade 10, and I homeschool.

What Camera Do You Use?

I use a Canon Rebel T6, with a macro lens (18-55mm) and a telephoto lens (75-300mm).

Why Do You Take Pictures?

I take pictures because it's really fun to do and nice to have them for memory, show other people, etc.

How Long Have You Been Taking Pictures For?

I've been taking pictures since I was about 8 or 9 (so about 6 years or more). I had a point-and-shoot camera I always like to carry around (two actually, I lost one). I got really into it around 10-12 (learning about changing settings on a DSLR, which ironically we didn't have at the time). I haven't taken many pictures at the present (I forget to or don't feel like carrying around our camera when we go on trips), but I still like photography a lot.

What Is Your Favourite Category To Take?

I have a few favourite kinds of photography: landscape, macro, stop-motion, and birds (I guess that would be wildlife photography). Portraits I don't like quite as much, but they're not that bad.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Photographers?

My advice to other photographers is to learn how to change things like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to take better pictures. It's fine to use auto mode, but there are situations where you need to manually change the exposure, focus, etc. for the best photos.

Some Of Ryan's Photos.

Here are some of my own pictures, showing my four favourite kinds of photography.

WOW Ryan! This looks like an amazing view!

Did you get really close to that goose or does your lens just zoom in that much? I never have any luck with bird pictures.

Ooh! Cool!

Love the vibrant colours in the sky!

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