The Time Has Come!

Guys, the time has come and I am so excited to show you the cover of Jenna Terese's debut novel, Ignite. I'm really excited to read this book and hope you guys will too! You can pre order here. The release dates are July 2 & 4.

So What Is This Book About?

What if superhumans weren’t considered heroes?

When Scarlett Marley is attacked by an illegal super with fire powers, she doesn’t get burned, but now she has a fire-like glow flickering in her eyes.

With superpowers criminalized, she has no choice but to turn herself over to the Superhuman Containment Facility, or risk hurting everyone she loves.

Her normal life seems lost forever, until she is selected to be one of the first to receive the experimental cure to destroy her powers. In exchange, she must first complete one mission:

Infiltrate and capture one of the largest gangs of supers in the remains of once-great Rapid City.

With the cure and all her future at stake, Scarlett is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring these criminals to justice so she can return to her family. But this gang and their leader, Rez, aren’t what everyone says, and Scarlett begins to question everything she was ever told about the SCF and the fire flowing in her veins.

The cure is her only hope for returning her life to what it was before, but is that life worth returning to after all?

Now please give a drum roll for what we've all been waiting for!

This cover just has me enraptured! I'm in love with the book just by the cover.

And I love the 3d view so I'm sticking it in too.

Just A Reminder

I'm so excited to read this and I hope you are too. If you are, please preorder here.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I sure enjoyed the LONG process of writing it and having it post before I wanted it to... If you want to hear about the author of Ignite and the book itself, tune in for my author interview with Jenna on July 10th!

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